Our Paper

William Arthur's signature white and ecru papers are custom-created exclusively by U.S. mills specializing in fine art and conservation paper. Renowned for its substantial weight, creamy smooth texture and high opacity, William Arthur paper is 100% acid-free, ensuring archival integrity for generations to come.

Our envelope, cover and Bristol weight papers are 100% wood pulp (composed of sustainable hardwood and softwood fibers), and our text stationery is 75% wood pulp, 25% cotton. The exceptionally smooth finish achieved with wood pulp is considered by fine pen experts to be the ideal surface on which to write. Calligraphers agree: many write to tell us how much they love working on William Arthur stationery, preferring it to all other writing papers.

Our retail partners feel good about recommending wood pulp paper, knowing conscientious forest management is practiced by the paper companies we work with to ensure sound environmental harvesting of this 100% renewable resource.